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We really should be writing this text in Romanian, because obviously this card was printed especially for Romanians, but, in case you had the curiosity to open the page and take a look: THANK YOU! We appreciate it! And we did not want you to find a text that you could not understand.


Colinde de Crăciun - Christmas Carols is a series of 5 cards, all bearing lyrics from our oldest, traditional Christmas Carols.  The ones that we were taught by our great-grandmothers and grandfathers. 


A small reminder of our heritage, not to be lost or forgotten.


This one in particular - tells the story of the Christmas star that brings the news that Christ was born.


The card is letterpress printed on fluffy cotton cardstock, then folded and is blank inside for a handwritten message.

It comes with a green or rust cotton card envelope, die-cut in-house, hand-formed, and glued by us.



We letterpress print in-house on Bernadette, our Heidelberg letterpress machine. We wish you could meet her in person. She is a huge metal beast, with complicated mechanisms, but she is just so Elegant. Such a beautiful sight to see. She is Magnificent.



Steaua sus răsare - Cotton Cardstock - Colinde Românești

Cod SKU: CHR20
    • Size: 105mm x 155mm / 4 inch x 6 inch folded
    • Printing technique:  letterpress
    • Card: cotton cardstock, folded, blank inside
    • Envelope: green cotton card stock, made in our studio
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