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This 2022 wedding was perfect in every single way.

Cristina & Stefan wanted to gather all their loved ones for a weekend long celebration in the dreamy region of Puglia, in southeastern Italy.

Their choice of venue was exquisite: Borgo Egnazia, a luxury hotel surrounded by millennial olive groves and a beautiful landscape.

The dreamy photos that we are about to show you were captured by the wonderful team of photographers Emm&Clau - well known for their cinematic, full of light photos!

For the wedding invitation we went with a letterpress venue sketch to showcase the beautiful architecture of the venue. We chose ivory, textured handmade paper, a direct link to the Borgo's ivory stone walls. Gold ink was the perfect neutral choice of ink.

The guest found in their rooms a beautiful welcome gift, together with a heartfelt welcome note from Cristina & Stefan and the weekend schedule. We tied the cards together with fine paper twine in natural color.

We used the same ivory paper and letterpress printing technique for the welcome card. The envelope hand a beautiful embossed monogram on the flap.

The weekend celebrations spanned from lunch by the pool, to cocktail dinners, and an authentic Italian dinner in the Borgo's Piazza.

The Ceremony was breathtaking, located on a terrace with the most beautiful landscape views.

The ceremony was followed by a wonderful, cozy dinner, filled with light and soft colours.

On the name cards we letterpressed Il Pomo di Puglia - Puglia's meaningful lucky charm symbol.

For the menus, we used the same handmade paper and for the vellum wax seals we ground dried Italian herbs and spices.

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