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Your event will be unique, just like you; this is why, when creating your invitations and choosing the materials, we have to make sure that we catch the feeling and the magic of that special day.

And yes, the invitation remains a beautiful memory when it is kept over the years.

You can display it in a double picture frame, next to your wedding photo.

A carefully designed invitation

will not only reveal the details of the event.


​It will also portray the atmosphere and the mood of the day,

so the guest will know how the event is going to be

long before they arrive at the venue.​

Your invitation is a


and the story is about 



We'are artists,

so we see beauty in everything.

We are minimalists at heart, but who can say "No" to a beautiful, classic, romantic design?

And if you have ever held a quality piece of handmade paper,

then you understand why we prefer it to all others. 

We love to play with materials, textures, and shapes, and we tried to letterpress print

(or gold foil for that matter) on every medium we have in our studio.

This is why we do not focus on a certain design style

and like to stay flexible and open when a new concept arrives.

Below you will find two main directions that can categorize our creations -

but remember, we love gray areas, so do not hesitate to ask if you have an original idea.

Volume. 1


with a romantic feel

Volume. 2

Modern & Minimalist

with a little bit of an edge

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