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This was a very special project for us because we wanted to bring magic into the lives of all children.


We imagined how it would feel to be a child and to find in the mailbox a very festive and special letter.

URGENT DELIVERY says on the label and there are gold stars on the big, red envelope, the biggest red envelope you've seen so far!


Then, you open the letter, and there it is, a shiny gold Christmas Star on a velvety green cardstock. This must be pretty important, you should think.


You turn the card around and in gold ink, with letters deep printed in the cardstock, you are officially informed that YOUR name is on Santa's list for Christmas presents this year! Can you believe it?

You are instructed to use the letter enclosed in the envelope to write your Christmas wish, put the letter in the green envelope, apply the postage stamps and leave it on your bedroom windowsill.

The elves will come and pick it up while you sleep!


Can you imagine being a child and receiving such a letter? The feeling of magic and excitement?


Not to mention that the Elves picking up the letter will get to save it as a keepsake, for when the little ones are all grown up.




We letterpress print in-house on Bernadette, our Heidelberg letterpress machine. We wish you could meet her in person. She is a huge metal beast, with complicated mechanisms, but she is just so Elegant. Such a beautiful sight to see. She is Magnificent.



Letter to Santa - Gold Foil & Letterpress - Christmas Cards

Cod SKU: CHR22
    • Size:  outer red envelope - 162 x 229 mm , enclosed green envelope 140x190mm
    • Printing technique:  letterpress, gold foil, digital print - all the good things :)
    • Card: pure cotton cardstock, special velvety cardstock
    • Envelope: red envelope. green textured envelope, made in our studio
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